The Gallia County Emergency Notification System:

On behalf of the Gallia County Commissioners, 911, EMA and LEPC we are pleased to announce the Emergency Public Notification System is fully operational for Gallia County.

In the event of an emergency, you will be notified by this system the response and actions you will need to take. All listed phone numbers will be called simultaneously. You may add additional contact information by using the following link or by calling Gallia County EMA at 740-441-2036.

About the Gallia County 911 System


Recently, the Gallia County 911 Center upgraded the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system to a Windows based server.  The former server had been in operation since 1997.  The CAD system in use at the Gallia County 911 Center has the capability to allow the 911 Operators to enter MEDICAL, LAW ENFORCEMENT, FIRE, OR General information about a particular address. The 911 Center can provide residents with a form to fill out and place on file with the Center. The information will then be entered into the computer system. If information has been submitted regarding a residence and 911 is dialed from there, the 911 Operator will view the information at the time of the call


911 CENTER DEDICATION - The Gallia County 911 Center was dedicated on December 4, 1997.  Present at the ribbon cutting ceremony were (LtoR) Harry Smathers, Vinton Fire Chief, Harold Saunders, former Gallia County Commissioner, Dr Keith Brandeberry, Harold G. Montgomery, Current Commission President, Shirley Angel, Current Commissioner, Retired Sheriff J.D. Taylor, Stephen L. Wilson, current 911 Director, Sergeant Pat McDonald of the Ohio Highway Patrol, Terry Hemby, former EMA Director and current Flood Plain Administrator, Gallipolis Police Chief Roger Brandeberry and Brian Wood, 911 Operator