MARCS radio



Gallia County 911 now has statewide radio interoperability capabilities with the installation of a "Multi Agency Radio Communications System" (MARCS) state radio.  The MARCS radio allows every county in the state to communicate directly as well as speak to the Ohio Highway Patrol, Emergency Management Agency, Health Departments and many  other participating agencies.

911 Center Tours...The staff at the 911 Center conducts tours of the facility for local civic groups as well as school children.  If your group is interested in a tour of the Gallia County 911 Center, please contact Sherry Daines at 740-446-0025.


HEART OF THE VALLEY head-start students listen to 911 Operator Eugene Valentine explain the 911 system on a recent tour of the 911 Center

COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM UPDATE...Gallia County 911 strives to keep the communications to the various agencies served by the 911 Center in the best operational condition possible.  Recently the radio transmitter used to service the northern end of Gallia County was relocated to a new tower sight.  The new tower sight allows for automatic generator backup in the event of a commercial power failure.


EMS-FIRE Radio transmitter sight located in Cheshire Township

COMPUTER AIDED DISPATCH The computers used for the Computer Aided Dispatching and Mapping at the Gallia County 911 Center were recently upgraded.  The computers assist 911 Operators in their logging of information called in to Gallia County 911.  The mapping program assists operators in giving directions to responders to allow a quicker response and to locate a callers residence or business.


DOS BASED SERVER REPLACED...The original server used by the 911 Center was DOS based.  The recent upgrade at the 911 Center switched to a Windows based server.  The new server allows larger a data storage capacity, faster computer operation and quicker data retrieval.  Above, the DOS based server shown before being replaced.


DISPATCH POSITION Computers were also replaced during the upgrade.  Monitors used now are "Flat Panel" space saving monitors.  The new monitors allow 911 Operators a larger screen view of their work, are more energy efficient and give them more area to work in.