Information regarding HB 294, ORC 5323.02(A), Owner information requirements for residential rental property

Effective September 28, 2006, owners of residential rental properties must file the following information with the County Auditor and maintain current information each and every year:

Owner's name, address, and phone number; or name of trustee, administrator, general partner, manager, associate or member;

Street address and permanent parcel number of rental property;

The year that any rental dwelling units were built.

Residential Rental Property is defined in 5323.01 ORC as: Real Property where one or more dwelling units are leased for residential purposes, or Mobile home park or site where lots are leased for parking mobile/manufactured homes/RV's for residential purpose.

The information will be filed and maintained in a manner for public inspection (5323.02(B) ORC & 149.43 ORC).

This does not apply to hotels or college dormitories.

Owners of residential rental property who reside outside the State of Ohio must designate an individual in Ohio to serve as their agent in case of, or in the event that legal actions are necessary (5323.03 ORC).

If the owner has designated an agent with the Secretary of State, a certified copy of that document must be filed with the County Auditor.

Those who fail to comply will be guilty of a minor misdemeanor. Any change of information must be reported within 10 days to the Gallia County Auditor.

Larry M. Betz
Gallia Co. Auditor
18 Locust St.
Gallipolis, Oh 45631
740-446-4612 ext. 213


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