PRC Program

            Prevention, Retention and Contingency Program

The Prevention, Retention and Contingency program was created to provide assistance or services to overcome immediate barriers to individuals that are achieving or maintaining self sufficiency and personal responsibility for families with at least one minor child under the age of 18 living in the home.

The PRC program encourages families to attain and retain employment, prevents dependency, promotes family stability and protects families from the consequences of catastrophic situations. The PRC program is not ongoing Ohio Works First/ TANF assistance.

The Gallia County Department of Job and Family Services PRC program is designed to meet emergent and/or employment related needs of an eligible assistance group depending upon the availability of funds. Services come in the form of a voucher made out directly to the vendor to buy items or services that are emergencies and non-recurring.

Income Guidelines for PRC

Gross monthly income must be under 200% of the poverty level. *Resources must also be verified. A family need not be receiving assistance from Job and Family Services to be eligible. Processing time is 10 days from the date all necessary verifications have been obtained to determine eligibility, with the exception of school clothing voucher. The school clothing voucher may take up to 30 business days to be completed. Some items families may apply for are: Emergency Shelter, Rent, Car Repairs, Clothing Required for Work and Short Term Education.  Questions regarding the PRC program can be answered by contacting the PRC worker at 740-446-3222.

Federal Poverty Level Chart

**To calculate the 200% poverty level, multiply the dollar amounts on the chart by 2.

Gallia County PRC Plan