Gallia County and other Ohio counties are part of a state-wide computer system known as the Support Enforcement Tracking System (SETS). Benefits of the new system include automated case management, non-custodial parents’ location and tracking, state-wide information sharing, and up to date network hardware. Centralized collection, whereby all support payments are remitted to and distributed by an agent of the state was implemented in 1999. 

The State of Ohio continues to make changes and enhancements to SETS to comply with Federal requirements.  Many changes have been made to improve the interface between the public assistance computer system and SETS to ensure that public assistance case referrals are processed, and orders are established and enforced so that expenditures for cash and medical assistance are reimbursed by child support obligors. 

The trend to use administrative enforcement tools in place of judicial actions relative to child support orders continues. Administrative actions include:  SETS automated reporting to Credit Bureau Agencies when arrears exceed two month's obligation; income withholding through an employer or bank account(s); withholding an additional 20% of the current support obligation for payments on arrears when an income withholding order is in place; suspending Driver's, Professional, or Recreational Licenses; intercepting Federal and State Tax refunds; seizing obligor funds through Financial Institution Data Match (FIDM); placing liens on personal and real property; and intercepting lump sum payments (bonus, lump sum vacation payments from an employer, separation lump sum, etc.). 

The CSEA staff also initiates judicial enforcement actions through the Gallia County Court of Common Pleas, reviewing cases for litigation, recommend appropriate legal proceedings, conduct pre-trial negotiation and collection activities, and finalize proceedings and appropriate court orders.  The attorney represents the state of Ohio. Judicial enforcement tools include contempt of a court or administrative order; felony non-support; liens; attachments; and executions.

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