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                                    Gallia County Job & Family Services Resource Guide




Agency phone number: 1-740-446-3222 or 800-371-5987

To complete an application or report changes for SNAP, CASH or Medicaid, please call 1-844-640-6446 Monday – Friday 8-4

When turning in applications or supporting documents for verifications:

  1. Email information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Fax information to 740-441-2108
  3. Mail information to: Gallia County Department of Job and Family Services, 848 Third Avenue, Gallipolis, Ohio 45631
  4. Drop off at our Drop Box outside the DJFS Building

The following is a list of all employees at the Gallia County Department of Job and Family Services.

Angel, Ashley

McDonald, Dawn

Bauderbach, Courtney

Montgomery, Carita

Burnett, Hannah

Myers, Brenda

Campbell, Kathy     Business Administrator   

Pauley, Natalie        Supervisor

Canter, Erin

Payne, Robin           Supervisor  

Clary, Lori

Pompender, Gina

Cummons, Allie

Potter, Eileen

Dewitt, Kelli             Supervisor

Robinson, Courtney

Dressel, Mandy

Rossiter, Misty

Elliott, Don  

Sanders, Danielle

Figgins, Jackie

Sands, Alyssa           Supervisor

Glassburn, Dana     Director

Shaw, Sherri

Handley, Kayla

Smith, Kristi             Supervisor

Haner, Jennifer       Supervisor

Starr, Tom

Henry, Tannya

Theiss, Amy

Jones, Belinda         Supervisor

Unroe, Jessica

Lambert, Miranda

Willford, Skylar

McCartney, Julie

 Wolfe, Lindsey

 McCoy, Jessica

 Wray, Beverly