Gallia County, in following guidelines established by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, has instituted a Fair Housing Program to achieve full housing opportunities and rights for all residents and prospective residents by eliminating discriminatory practices in Gallia County.

            In order to monitor Fair Housing activities in the County, a Resolution for Fair Housing exists and a Fair Housing Commission has been established.  The resolution states that Gallia County will adhere to all Fair Housing Laws enacted by the United States Congress and the State of Ohio.  The Fair Housing Commission will review and investigate activities and complaints of housing-related industries including:

     Real Estate Brokerage Practices

     Lending Practices

     Realtor Practices

     Insurance Practices

     Personnel Transfer Policies of Industry

     Builder Sales Practices

     Real Estate Management Practices

            The Fair Housing Commission will also recommend to the County Commissioners, when deemed necessary, educational and other programs designed to promote the purposes stated in the Fair Housing Resolution.

            The Fair Housing Commission members are:  Mike Dey, Luella Henry and Herman Sprague.

            In order to go beyond the practices stated in its Fair Housing Resolution, Gallia County will also develop a public information program using local newspapers, radio stations, and bulletin boards to ensure Fair Housing.It is the intent of this program to make all segments of the community aware of the Fair Housing requirements.  Especially, realtors, landlords, financial institutions and the minority community.

            If you feel you have been discriminated against, contact Karen Sprague at 446-4612, Ext. 232 or stop at the Gallia County Commissioner's Office located in the Courthouse in Gallipolis, Ohio  45631.

 Brochures for Fair Housing

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