Brief History Of The Veterans Relief Act

Since 1886, all Ohio counties have Operated under the Soldier's and Sailor's Relief Act to provide service and assistance to Veterans.  This provision for Veterans is based on county taxes, and is considered to be an earned benefit due our honorably discharged Veterans.


The Veterans Service Commission is comprised of veterans from Gallia County. The representatives are listed below.

  • D.A.V
  • V.F.W.


Funding For Veterans Service Center

Our funding is from county taxes under an entitlement in Ohio Law. This law states that up to .5 mills may be collected for veterans service (DEC 5901).  We are not an agency of the Veterans Administration nor the Federal government.

Any assistance request or income disclosure will be held in total confidence as far as the law allows.


Additional Information about Gallia County Veterans Service Office

The Veterans Service Commission does not view the granting of emergency assistance as welfare. Rather it is seen as an earned benefit due Gallia County Veterans who qualify.



Our Pledge


Our solemn pledge is to serve our fellow veterans, while affording them the highest respect and dignity.