What Kinds of Financial Assistance May Be Provided?

1. Rent Assistance

2. Utilities

3. Emergency situations

4. Transportation for medical treatment, Huntington VAMC and their referrals

5. Food Vouchers

6. Fuel Vouchers for job search


Eligibility Requirements For Service

Any Honorably Discharged Veteran (as defined by VA rules) his widow, spouse or dependent child may be served by this office.

Services Offered:

1. VA Claims preparation assistance

2. Transportation to VA Appointments at the Huntington VAMC

3. VA Loan application information

4. Education benefits information

5. Help in obtaining and completing forms, letters, or communications with the VA

6. Burial benefits

7. Veterans Grave Markers/ Flag holders

8. Annual Eligibility Verification Report Preparation

9. VA insurance information

This office will compile your veterans related documents, provide secretarial help with your VA communication, refer unemployed veteran's to the employment office. Maintain a file pertaining to individual claims.


Eligibility Requirements for Financial Assistance

1. Honorably Discharged Veteran

2. Residents of Gallia County for 3 months immediately preceding the application.

3. Financial disclosure and other proof as required.

4. Complete Relief Application


 Our office telephone number is (740)446-2005.