1)    You shall refrain from violation of any law (Federal, State and Local).  You shall notify you

       probation officer immediately if arrested, summoned or cited for any Law violation.  You

       shall notify your probation officer within 2 days if arrested or have contact with law enforcement.

2)    You shall not associate with known felons.

3)    You shall abide by a curfew of midnight.  If your scheduled work shift ends after the above stated

        curfew, you are to be at your residence no later than one (1) hour after leaving your employment.

4)    You shall work regularly at a lawful occupation and support your legal dependents, if any, to the

        best of your ability.  When out of work or changing employers, you shall notify your probation

        officer within 7 days.  When out of work upon your next visit with your Probation officer you shall

        bring any and all written documentation of  registering at the unemployment office, or show proof of being a full  time student, disabled and or employment. 

        Verify employment with each  new job in writing  to your  Probation officer. Verify each time you

        register at the unemployment office or in writing. Verify monthly of full

        time employment, registering at  unemployment office,, being a full time

        student or  being disabled in writing”. 

5)    You shall not leave the County or State that you reside in without the knowledge and or permission

       of your probation officer.

6)    You must keep your probation officer informed of your address at all times.  You may not move

       without permission from the probation department.  Defendants must notify the probation

       department 7 days prior to moving.  Failure to notify the probation department within 7 days prior

       to moving may result in a violation of probation.

7)    On the demand of the probation officer or law enforcement officer, you shall submit a sample of

        blood, breath or urine at any time.  Refusal to submit or the presence of a controlled substance

        or alcohol shall be considered a violation of probation.  Any positive drug screen will result

        in a $25.00 dollar drug testing fee.

8)    You shall not be under the influence, possess, have, or procure any alcoholic beverage. You

        shall not enter or remain about any establishment selling alcoholic beverages by the drink.

9)    You shall not be under the influence of, possess, use, sell, distribute, or have under your control

       any narcotic drugs, barbiturates, marijuana, or mind altering drugs any scheduled substance as

       defined in the Ohio Revised Code or any substance of abuse, or any substance that will induce

       intoxication or similar physiological effects or instruments for administering them except on

       prescription of a licensed physician, and taken in accordance with said prescription.

10)   You shall make monthly payments toward your fines, court cost, supervision fees and any

         restitution as ordered by the court.  Failure to make monthly Payments on fines, court cost,

         supervision fees and any restitution may result in a violation of probation.

11)   You shall report to your probation officer as determined by your probation officer or the

         Probation Department.

12)   You shall submit to DNA testing through the Probation Department.

13)   You shall not purchase, own, possess, or have under your control any firearm, deadly

         weapon or dangerous ordnance or ammunition.

14)   You understand that I shall be responsible for all documentation due to my probation officer. 

         No other family member, household member or friend shall send fax or bring in paperwork

         to my probation officer.

15)    You shall treat all probation and court personnel with respect.  You shall follow all probation

          personnel instructions.

16)    You shall consent to a search without a warrant of your person, vehicle or place of residence

          by any probation officer or law enforcement officer with or without probable cause while on


17)    You shall sign a release of information to the Gallia County Common Pleas Court Probation

          Department for any information requested.